Check your card balance here. 

The card number is the 8 numbers prior to the *. The Pin is the 3 digits after the *. 


- The "$ Value in Credits" line is how many real dollars you have to spend at Funhaven. You simply take the number generated, and divide by 4 to get your dollar amount. You can use this dollar amount on anything in-store, from credits to food and beverage to group events!


- The "Credits" line shows you how many credits you have available to play with at Funhaven. Our Play Your Way system allows you to use your credits on ALL play at Funhaven - from laser tag to arcades to the roller coaster to the escape rooms - anything that is considered "play" at Funhaven is payable using credits!


- The "Tickets" line shows you how many tickets you have available to redeem on prizes at Funhaven! Simply bring your card to the redemption counter and choose from our wide variety of prizes!

Check Card Balance